Kominzad yadak

About us

 • introduction of a company

KominZad Yadak. was established with the aim of advising and presenting energy optimization solutions in the field of diesel and gas and renewable energy (solar, wind, hybrid, solar water heater), as well as training courses in 1382.

The following is a brief description of the activities of this company:

 • Diesel and gas generators

Today, according to the needs of power plants, commercial centers, hotels, hospitals, etc., emergency power supply, deployment of diesel and gas generators is one of the requirements of these centers. The company, utilizing its experienced and dedicated team, has been able to successfully develop successful projects in the field of production, installation, service, and maintenance of diesel and gas generating units in the UAE and Syria, as well as provinces such as Tehran, Khorasan South, Fars, Hormozgan, Khuzestan, and others. The main activities of the company are as follows:

Selling diesel and gas generators
Provide after-sales service providers
Weekly and monthly visits
Selling and supplying parts for diesel and gas generators

 • Renewable energy

Given the increasing need for global energy resources and the importance of maintaining fossil fuels, the need to use renewable sources has become indisputable. Among the activities of the company in the field of renewable energy systems, projects in the provinces of Tehran, East Azarbaijan, Mazandaran, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Central, Kerman, Yazd, Ardebil, Khuzestan and ... indicate that the total The overall capacity of these projects is about 1 megawatt. The main activities of the company are as follows:

Consulting, design, installation, and commissioning of solar systems
Design and installation of  The wind turbine and hybrid systems
Solar water heaters
Selling and supplying products and parts of renewable energy systems

 • Education

Proper use of energy sources is one of the ways to make better use of these resources. It is hoped that the company has made a significant contribution to raising the level of knowledge of this technology and could provide the relevant concepts for the energy sector in the past. The main activities of the company in the field of education are:

Providing advanced training courses for diesel and gas generators
Conducting basic and specialized training courses in renewable energy
Conducting seminars on topics related to electricity and energy
Provides specialized articles on renewable energy and power generators

 • Company certificates

The company has a certificate of competence of contractors in two fields of power and equipment and facilities from the organization of management and planning of the country.

 • Agencies

Kumin Zad Yadk Company has been able to represent the companies Victron Netherlands, HYE, Ging Long, EP Solar China, Cotek Taiwan and SMA Germany to supply the equipment of such systems as the inverter, controller charger, charger battery, etc. Lister Peter and Cummins Power from England to supply equipment and components for diesel and gas-fired generators.