Kominzad yadak


Considering the upcoming 2 major exhibitions in the UAE in January and February of this year, the company intends to hold a seminar in conjunction with the WFES and MEE together with the major solar projects implemented in the country. The UAE, including the city of renewable energy, is being visited.

First Exhibition: WFES from January 27 to December 30, 1995 (16-19 Jan)
Second Exhibition: MEE from February 26 to 28, 95 (February 14-16)

The cost of the course per person is 20,000,000 (twenty million) (group registration of more than two people includes 10% discount)
* Note: Please, in addition to registering on the site, scan your passport page to Edari@kpcco.com.
For more information, call the local telephone number 42810-021 or phone number 7292 819 0912 (Help Line).
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